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Client-Focused Support That Makes a Difference



Training / Facilitation




This is a great compliment to facilitation services for intact teams.  If a team has participated in a skill-building session, group coaching can allow ongoing guidance and practice of learned skills to ensure that these become hard-wired into the behaviors of a particular group to achieve ongoing results.


I work with clients to determine the need for training or facilitation services and what outcomes they would like to see as a result.  Possible needs can include the development of a particular skill, creating a strategic plan and team building opportunities to learn more about each other and establish cohesion within a working group.  



  • Communication

  • Crucial Conversations

  • Emotional Intelligence

  • Performance and Change Management

  • Strengths-based Leadership 

  • Team Development

  • Service Excellence

  • Strategic Planning

  • Goal Setting and Action Planning


These 1-on-1 opportunities are generally sought by:

  • Organizations looking to provide high potential employees or newly appointed managers and leaders at all levels, the benefit of coaching services as they maneuver through change and leverage their strengths for maximum impact in their roles, for their teams and for their organizations.

  • Individuals seeking to change jobs, careers, fine-tune skillsets, re-enter the workforce or create a better sense of balance in their work and life.  

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